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Welcome to Damini Womens Association of Qld Incorporation


Damini Women’s Association of Qld Inc was officially formed in 2006 with 17 members.  Its launching took place at a children’s Christmas Party at McGregor State School in December 2006.

Since its inception Damini Women’s achieved a number of activities, functions and project.  The major being the “Sewing” when Damini Women’s made 102 Cushions for Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir in 2011.  This project was launched in January 2011 and completed in July 2011.  The completion of this project gave an inceptive to members as it has been their dream to make Cushions for Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir.  It was a ‘DREAM COME TRUE” for Damini Women’s. 

Today Damini women’s takes active role in wider community functions and activities while meeting its objectives for children and women needs

Last year Damini Women’s appointed a new Secretary who took keen interest in designing the Webpage.  I am glad to say that Webpage was another project that has been pending for a while.  Lakshmi’s keen interest in Damini Women’s has completed this project.  We are all multi talented women in Damini and by means of each member’s contribution we have achieved our projects, activities and functions and built a wider network support.

Building strong relationship and membership drive is another short term goal for Damini Women’s. 

Anyone wishing to become a member of Damini Women is welcome; just follow the membership link for completing the membership form.

Lila Pratap
President and Founder
Damini Women’s Association of Qld Inc
Email: president.damini@gmail.com
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