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About Us


Damini Women's Association of Qld Inc was formed on 26 August 2006.  


Mission:  To protect Women and Children, promote positive and skill based environment. 


Vision:  To empower vulnerable women and children in multicultural society.



1. Promote women's need in the community by assisting them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for full participation in a social environment.

2. Provide an avenue to the Government for information and advice on issues affecting women in our community. 

3. Provide quality advice to women in general in regards to their health, welfare, children and family. 

4. Protect and provide quality service to children and youths where needed



1. To develop and implement a unity marketing strategy for all women, youths and seniors in the community.

2. To provide assistance and direction to young women in our community and other communities to enable them to achieve the aims and objectives of the Women's Association.

3. To promote the members of Damini Women's Association in other communities to take active roles.

4. To promote mutual co-operation, tolerance and understanding amongst various women's groups in the community.

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